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Thank You for Attending ENGIE Fabricom’s Process Safety Webinar

By September 17, 2020October 1st, 2020No Comments
Safety Webinar

Process Safety Webinar.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that attended our webinar led by our Process Safety Consultant, Matthew Jenkins.


Held on the 21st September, our session focused on three disasters that occurred over the last 100 years on the same day: The Oppau Explosion, 1921, Hickson and Welch, 1992 and Toulouse, 2001.


Chatting through each of the catastrophic events, which sadly led to loss of lives and significant damage to assets and the environment, Matt discussed the root causes of each and lessons that have been learnt.


An overarching theme is that accidents will happen, however it is imperative for companies to manage change within three key areas: organisational, process and material to minimise the risk of potential incidents occurring. It is of great importance to identify our hazards, how they affect us and potentially the wider community.


Since each of these major incidents, we have seen similar accidents further happening including 35 Ammonium Nitrate accidents between 1916 to 2020. This highlights that there is still a lot more that could be done.


We pride ourselves on our technical know-how to work closely with our clients to understand and analyse plant and process performance, define problems and identify potential solutions, to ensure the safety of staff and assets is maintained.


If you would like to know more about ENGIE Fabricom’s Process Safety services and how we can help click here.


For feedback, a copy of the presentation or any further questions, get in touch directly with Matthew via email at matthew.jenkins@engie.com.


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