Technical Papers

Our technical papers are designed to present relevant and expert information across our range of industry specialisms.  They are free to download below, and new ones will be added on an on-going basis.


What is process safety and why does it matter?

Understand how ENGIE Fabricom use the disciplined framework of process safety to manage the integrity of potentially hazardous operating systems and processes.

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Process Safety – DSEAR and Whisky

Have you heard of the Angels’ Share? If you wanted to build your own Scotch Whisky distillery it is a term you are likely to become familiar with.

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ALARP Reviews: Why are they so important?

This article was always going to discuss Ignaz Semmelweis. Until recently, you may not have heard of this Hungarian-born physician who worked in Vienna at a time when Queen Victoria was on the English throne.

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Engineering and Design

A whole new business dimension

See how ENGIE Fabricom has been using three-dimensional (3D) design software and laser scanning equipment, to transform the way it supports its clients.

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Design of steelwork structures – from concept to construction

Learn how the civil and structural team at ENGIE Fabricom are able to offer a wide range of capabilities across a variety of UK industry sectors including petrochemical, oil and gas, power and energy from waste.

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PAU’s – A close look at the benefits

ENGIE Fabricom has a proud heritage of delivering Pre-Assembled Units (PAU’s) to major clients across the UK.

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Preparation, Fabrication and Welding of Pipework Systems

ENGIE Fabricom has a long and successful history – spanning over 45 years – in the preparation, fabrication and welding of pipework systems. As such, we are a leading provider in this field and share our approach.

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