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Risk Management

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LOPA, SIL and Functional Safety

Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) is an analytical tool to determine the adequacy of protection layers used to mitigate a process risk.

The undertaking of a LOPA aims to prevent the occurrence of an event that could be detrimental to safety, environment or cause commercial consequences.

A LOPA identifies the likelihood of occurrence associated with each event, then determines if existing layers of protection are suitable.

We offer:

  • Identification of tolerable and acceptable risk criteria including associated event frequencies.
  • Application of a recognised LOPA approach.
  • Appointment of a functional safety manager to ensure the safety lifecycle is followed, from conception to commissioning.
  • Procurement, installation and commissioning of functional safety systems.

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Pressure systems consultancy and engineering

Pressure systems safety regulations (PSSR)

The ENGIE Fabricom Process Safety Management Group oversee the process hazard analysis and PSSR processes to ensure full compliance to the determined regulations.

Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) and Regulations (PER)

We engage our network of engineering technical authorities and QA/QC engineers to maintain full compliance with the legal requirements of the PED and PER.

Our consistent fulfilment of regulations has earned us a declaration of conformity, verified by the certifying body.

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Human factors assessment

Our Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) defines human factors as personal, organisational and job factors which influence behaviour at work in a way that affects health and safety.

Around 80% of accidents at work are directly or partly attributed to human error. Human factors assessment can reduce the number of incidents at work to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the workforce.

We offer:

  • Human Factor Engineering or Human Factor Integration support during design and development of systems and services  
  • Assessment of the suitability of plant and equipment, processes and operations
  • Review of outputs and processes for maintenance, inspection and testing activities for major hazards plants
  • Integration of human factors into risk assessment and investigations including Safety Management Systems
  • Consideration of individual task and organisational factors to reduce human errors in the workplace
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Ageing plant review

In a commercial environment where plant investment and costly maintenance programmes are difficult to justify, management of ageing plant assets is increasingly important.

Operators of oil, gas, chemical and processing plants with hazard potential have a duty to ensure that the plant and equipment are maintained to ensure general safety.

A review is not strictly concerned with the age of a plant, rather the physical condition. Due to operating environment, construction materials or lack of maintenance, relatively new plants may deteriorate to a state expected of much older equipment.

We offer:

  • Identification and review of key safety and critical process plant equipment, including non-destructive testing
  • Development of ongoing management procedures, as well as a maintenance and inspection regime
  • Regular plant inspections
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