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Process Safety

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ENGIE Fabricom employ a number of industry methods and devices to ensure the safe implementation of processes and systems.

Process plant safety analysis

We collaborate with our clients to analyse process plant safety, defining problems, developing solutions and identifying opportunities.

Our process plant safety analysis is implemented through a number of methods, such as the ‘embedded engineer’ concept where, through placing our engineers directly onsite, we are able to gain first-hand experience of the issues being faced by our clients.

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Pressure relief systems, design and validation

Pressure relief systems are essential to preventing equipment and pipework from the over-pressurisation that leads to mechanical failure and associated release of containment.

in order to correctly function, relief systems must be properly designed to recognised standards, correctly installed and well-maintained.

Our process safety engineers provide knowledge and expertise to carry out all aspects of relief system design, evaluation and protection.

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Emergency shutdown systems and alarm management

Emergency shutdown systems are an integral part of safety shutdown systems, designed to mitigate or prevent the occurrence of hazardous situations by initiating a shutdown of equipment, process or plant where required.

We offer optimisation of alarm system designs to facilitate accurate and timely fault prompting to operators, as well as the design and review of emergency shutdown systems.

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