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Procurement Services at ENGIE Fabricom

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Procurement Services and what we can offer:

Getting the right procurement support for any engineering and construction project is absolutely crucial from the very outset.

With over 45 years in business, ENGIE Fabricom is highly experienced in providing leading procurement services working closely with our clients to understand the in-house needs of their business as well as the external requirements of their own client.

Ensuring primary technical stakeholder input at the front-end our procurement process encompasses  five key stages:

  • Defining the scope of works and specific project requirements
  • Development of a procurement plan
  • Supplier selection and evaluation
  • Contract negotiation and award
  • Contract implementation and execution including expediting, change management control and vendor performance review

We pride ourselves on facilitating the very best value for money on behalf of our clients and ensure that all goods and services are fully compliant with rigorous industry standards. As an integrated service provider, we ensure the whole procurement process from start to completion is delivered in a fair and transparent manner and ethical standards are fully maintained.

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