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Piping Systems, Modular Construction and Structural Steelwork

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Piping systems, modular construction

Our manufacturing services span across three specialist areas: modular construction, structural steelwork and piping systems.

With facilities located across prime locations in the UK, we have extensive experience in delivering multiple packages on behalf of our clients.

Our modular construction activities are mainly carried out at our modern and well-equipped workshops in Immingham and Middlesbrough, where we have the extensive space to construct and store multiple modular units prior to safe delivery and deployment across the globe.  At our Immingham facility we have direct, private access to Immingham’s deep-water port which allows large modules and equipment to be shipped globally.

Our structural steelwork services offer detail design, steelwork fabrication, coating, testing and inspection. We ensure that all our projects are fully certified to the correct execution class in line with EN-1090.

ENGIE Fabricom also specialise in design, supply, manufacture and testing of quality piping systems working with a wide range of materials from carbon and stainless steels, aluminium and Hastelloy through to Inconel, Monel, Cupro-nickel alloys and many more. Additionally, we are experienced in instrument tubing and jacketed pipework.

Adhering to all highly regulated industrial standards which our clients demand, our piping systems are manufactured for various applications such as oil refining, offshore processes, gas plants and chemical processing to name a few.


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