Feasibility Studies

ENGIE Fabricom Options and Solutions Development (Feasibility Studies)

Drawing on our experience of working with many different organisations across the range of process industry sectors, ENGIE Fabricom is able to develop practical and innovative solutions which deliver value to our clients’ businesses.

From the initial problem statement or opportunity potential, we can identify and evaluate technology options, apply cost models and develop and appraise these to enable selection of the best alternative.  This can feed into our client’s stage gated process for investment which may then, for example, result in a full FEED study.

We pride ourselves in applying the principles of ‘value engineering’ to ensure that what we deliver meets our clients’ requirements, adds value and is fit for its purpose.  We can only do this by adopting a fully collaborative approach to doing business with our clients.

Experience tells us that major influence over any project is possible at the feasibility stage for minor expenditure.  This trend is reversed as the project moves further into detailed engineering as demonstrated by the graph on the next page.

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