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Navigator Terminals praise ENGIE Fabricom’s team

By April 16, 2020May 31st, 2020No Comments

Navigator Terminals praise ENGIE Fabricom’s team knowledge and expertise for work done on Manway Repair.

In March, Navigator Terminals contacted Andrew Yuille, Quality Manager and Lee Tyas, Regional Site Services Manager, from ENGIE Fabricom’s Sotherby Road site regarding a problem they had spotted onsite.  From the photos that were sent to Andrew and Lee, they believed this could be repaired with a local weld overlay taking no longer than four hours in total.  The alternative being to procure a new manway flange, cut off the old one and weld on the new one.  This would have caused considerable delay, a possible 5 – 10 days until the tank would have been brought back into service.

Andrew went to site the following morning and carried out a Toolbox Talk to the workforce explaining the problem and the proposed technical solution.  The key workers Neil Dilley (Welder), Michael Purcell (Pipefitter) and Branden Duffield (Apprentice Welder) obtained a permit and carried out the scope of work successfully under the guidance of Andrew.

Praise came from Jason Rakha, Mechanical Project Compliance Manager at Navigator Terminals.  He said: “Excellent response and work today on the cracked Manway yet again.  The team got us out of a sticky situation with knowledge and expertise, we thought we would be cutting it off with significant delays.  This has been fed up to senior management so thank you, good work on this one, it really helped us out.”

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