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Matthew Jenkins Hosts Process Safety Webinar – 21st September 2020

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Matthew Jenkins, ALARP Review

Above Matthew Jenkins, Process Safety Consultant


As experts in process safety, we are passionate about helping businesses to prevent and control any potential incidents. Forming the foundations of all safety operations in a plant, the importance of process safety should never be underestimated.

To engage with our employees, clients and interested participants on the importance of this discipline, ENGIE Fabricom will be hosting a process safety webinar on the 21st September.  Led by Matthew Jenkins, our Process Safety Consultant, the session will focus around three well-known catastrophic events that have occurred over the last 100 years on the same day, 21st September. These include:

The Oppau Explosion 1921

We will be looking back at the ammonium nitrate producing plant located in Oppau, Germany that suffered a major disaster following 4,500 tonnes of a mixture of ammonium sulfate and ammonium nitrate fertiliser being stored in a tower silo exploding at the plant. This sadly resulted in the death of 500-600 people with over 2000 people being injured.


Hickson and Welch, 1992

Matt will be assessing failures that led to an explosion at the Castleford based chemical plant that killed five workers and injured 200 people when a distillation column base containing residues of nitrotoluene ignited.


Toulouse, 2001

We will reflect on an explosion occurring at AZF fertiliser in Toulouse, France where a warehouse containing approximately 300 metric tons of production rejects of ammonium nitrate granulates exploded. 31 people were killed, with hundreds injured and substantial damages.


The session will provide a key opportunity to reflect on what happened during these incidents, why they happened and what lessons can be learnt from such prolific incidents to ensure that such events do not occur again.


Open to 250 guests, the webinar will be a great fact finder and key reminder of the importance of process safety in plant operations to protect workforces, assets and critical operations.


If you would like to join us on 21st September 2020, please get in touch with Matthew directly via email at matthew.jenkins@engie.com


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