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How ENGIE Fabricom Remained Open During COVID-19

By July 17, 2020July 20th, 2020No Comments

COVID-19 and how we remained open:

As all businesses across the world have faced significant challenges since the outbreak of COVID-19, ENGIE Fabricom has continued to operate successfully by implementing new ways of working throughout the pandemic to mitigate and reduce the potential spread of the virus to enable operations to continue effectively.


The safety of our people has always been our number one priority, and of course will continue to be at the very forefront of everything that we do.


Although there has been significant disruption across all our business areas over the past few months, including the temporary closure of our offices in Grimsby and Stokesley, we have been greatly impressed by the resilience and ingenuity of our people and teams.


Key departments have been able to remain operational, thanks to our teams quickly transitioning to working from home, which allowed us to progress with ongoing projects where possible and, also impressively, secure new project wins. Our Procurement team has also been supporting local NHS requests, as well as focusing on ensuring all additional PPE and sanitisation measures were in place.


Over the last couple of months construction activities have reduced somewhat at our larger sites due to social distancing, however our Sotherby Road and Immingham facilities have remained open throughout the whole period and we have successfully supported our clients with urgent needs for our national interest. This has included supporting oxygen production, hand sanitiser production and fuel supply.


We managed to remain open in a controlled and systematic way where all of the required controls regarding social distancing, cleaning regimes and full risk assessments have been fully implemented across the whole business, adhering to all Government guidelines.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our staff, clients and wider supply chain for their continued dedication and support during these challenging times, and together as a team, we will ensure that we continue to deliver projects to the very highest standards that ENGIE Fabricom is well known for.



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