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Grouted Connection Remediation Services

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Grouted Connection Remediation

ENGIE Fabricom prides itself on being the industry leader for Grouted Connection Remediation across the Offshore Wind sector.


With remediations completed on more than 170 turbines to date, we have developed and implemented industry leading solutions that rectify grout infill failures on wind turbines between the monopile and transition piece.


Using our highly skilled in-house teams, our technicians are amongst the very best at working in the confined space within the monopile.


Our skill sets include foundation and mechanical welding, NDT, painting, elastomeric bearing, installation and inspection.


And with our excellent health and safety record – including technicians fully trained in rescue procedures – ENGIE Fabricom offers a complete end to end installation methodology for grouted connection remediation.


If you would like more information about our Grouted Connection Remediation services click here, or get in touch via email at or telephone our office directly on +44 (0)333 207 4411.


If you would like to read more about our services listed below, please click here to view our main brochure:

Our key services include:

  • Internal Anode Installation
  • Cathodic Protection Inspection
  • Grouted Connection Remediation
  • Safety Upgrades and Retrofit
  • Coating and Inspection
  • Statutory and Turbine Inspection
  • OEM Turbine Servicing
  • Substation Commissioning and Maintenance
  • Consultancy and Resource Supply
  • Met Mast Surveys


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