ENGIE Fabricom Invests in PEL Software from ABB

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We are pleased to announce that ENGIE Fabricom has purchased PEL software from ABB Ltd. ‘PEL is a highly effective, proven, technology solution for generating and managing process engineering data. It has been developed, used and tested in a manufacturing environment to enable engineers to design processes more quickly and more reliably with up-to-date and permanently available design data.’

PEL software gives engineers the ideal toolkit:

  • Calculation tools to ensure design is carried out more quickly and more reliably
  • Datasheet management to ensure that up-to-date design data is always available
  • PEL offers programs for performing the critical process engineering calculations of fluid flow and physical properties plus a general purpose calculation package

Some the benefits of include:

  • Allowing engineers to be more efficient and productive. With fewer manual calculations to do, tasks are carried out quicker
  • Improving QA and standardising procedures, through everyone using same set of data and calculations
  • Human errors in calculations are reduced
  • Improving production as bottlenecks can be identified quickly so a solution can be sought
  • Allowing operators to get the best out of their existing assets by carrying out modifications rather than designing new ones

Sajith Mohideen (Process Engineer) who has been corresponding with ABB directly in regards to PEL conducted a technical seminar introducing the software on 11/09/15 commented that “PEL software will allow us to standardise and formulise calculations and datasheets which will result in more consistent data leaving the company.”

If there are any queries that you might have about PEL software then please do not hesitate in contacting Sajith Mohideen for further information.

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