Extensive Range of Safety Upgrades and Retrofit to Offshore Wind Projects Offered by ENGIE Fabricom

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Extensive range of retrofit

Extensive Range of Safety Upgrades and Retrofit 

On any offshore wind project, making sure you choose the right partner for your retrofit and safety upgrades is essential.

At ENGIE Fabricom we pride ourselves on offering an unrivalled Safety Upgrade and Retrofit service designed to make sure the most complex offshore wind projects benefit from the very best service upgrade delivery.

As part of our extensive Safety Upgrade and Service Range – all delivered by some of the industry’s most experienced and qualified technicians – ENGIE Fabricom ensures your Offshore Wind Projects receive the very best industry designed, fabricated and installed safety upgrades from entry level to nacelle.

Our services include and are not limited to:

  • Safety barriers to provide access to the lower HV area
  • Hook on points throughout the turbine to include welding, NDT and painting
  • Replacement of latchway fall arrest systems on external ladders
  • The inspection and replacement of fall arrest pulley systems both above and below the waterline
  • The application to the spinner of an anti-slip floor system
  • Replacement of external hoists
  • Replacement of internal ladders
  • New and improved hatch covers including gas struts
  • Safety catch pots for existing cranes to allow residual chain to be contained
  • The design and installation of HUB and Nacelle safety gate systems
  • The installation of safety signs, eyewash stations and first aid kits
  • Minor safety modifications including doors and latches
  • Installation of new LiDAR systems


At ENGIE Fabricom we work with you to make sure safety is paramount across your teams, your assets and your working environments.

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