Greater Gabbard awards two ENGIE Fabricom UK employees

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Two ENGIE Fabricom UK employees were given positive recognition and awarded prizes for handing good safety observation cards in on Greater Gabbard, as follows:


The first prize went to Ross Kirby, Welder, who identified a potentially serious dropped object.  Whilst lifting the cube with a crane, Ross noticed a shackle pin teetering on the bottom bracket of the cube.  He intervened by stopping the lift and removed the hazard immediately.


The second prize was awarded to Peter Stamper, Welder, on Greater Gabbard who provided good hazard observation.  The door on TP level had its sensor just resting on the ledge inside of the door.  Peter identified the issue, removed the sensor and reported the issue to SSE.


The below image shows Ross Kirby (left) and Peter Stamper (right) receiving their awards from James Herring, ENGIE Fabricom UK Project HSE Advisor


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