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Three engineers from the Grimsby office (Sajith Jayawardana – Process Engineer, Phil Edgerton – Instrument and Control Systems Engineer and Alan Shelbourne – Process Safety Manager), recently attended HAZARDS 26 at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre.

The team exhibited ENGIE Fabricom’s Process Safety Consultancy capability but also attended selected presentations relating to key issues and advances in the industry.

The conference offered the opportunity to network with operators, specialist equipment suppliers and other process safety consultancies. The exhibition also provided the opportunity for the company ‘re-branding’ to be projected and recognised in the process safety arena, hopefully leading to new business opportunities.

Hazards 26 is IChemE’s leading process safety conference. The conference provides a platform for sharing best practice and latest research on all aspects of chemical and process safety in Europe, helping organisations to manage and reduce risk more effectively.  First staged in 1960, ‘Hazards’ is recognised as Europe’s leading process safety conference.

During the conference ENGIE Fabricom held a competition whereby we offered people to drop their business cards for a chance to win an Amazon Fire Tablet.

The lucky business card was picked on the return back to Origin Three, the winning card belonged to:

Mr Simon Downing
Senior Consultant
RPS Risk Management

Mr Downing has been notified of his win and his new Amazon Fire Tablet has been posted to him.

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