ENGIE Fabricom answers The Big Question on reducing our environmental impact

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Environmental Impact Question

Environmental Impact:   Strategic Development Director, Andrew Mitchell, was recently approached by Energy Focus to discuss how energy companies are adapting to a lower carbon world.  His viewpoint below was featured as part of The Big Question in the summer edition of the publication.

‘Global warming and climate change have left us with no alternative but to rethink the energy landscape.  The urgent need to reduce environmental impact means implementing a more decarbonised, decentralised and energy-efficient system to support the global demand.

In response to this demand for change, ENGIE is accelerating its own transformation to lead the energy transition.  The group is focusing efforts on energy efficiency, renewables, digital technology and new business which, for UK subsidiary ENGIE Fabricom, is providing an opportunity for growth.

ENGIE Fabricom is supporting its clients in operating and maintaining their offshore wind assets, providing end-to-end solutions in the energy-from-waste sector, and assisting in decommissioning clients’ existing oil and gas assets.

ENGIE Fabricom’s strategy is to deliver end-to-end solutions to our clients, and the changing environment we live in today is providing the perfect platform to achieve this goal.’


ENGIE Fabricom is an industry-recognised renewables operator.  We help to increase the contribution of more sustainable energy sources to the UK’s electricity requirements.  Our dedicated management team and proficient offshore technicians are highly experienced within the industry, using proven methodology to enable us to achieve excellent safety, quality and efficiency standards.  Our team offers a variation in services for the fitting and general maintenance of renewable energy sources. From anode installation to turbine inspection, find more information below.




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