Emergency Shutdown Systems and Alarm Management

ENGIE Fabricom Emergency Shutdown Systems and Alarm Management

Emergency Shutdown Systems (ESD) are the main type of industrial safety systems in the process industry and a major part of Safety Shutdown Systems.  ESD’s are designed to mitigate or prevent hazardous situations from occurring and to initiate a shutdown of equipment, process or plant as required.

ESD systems are typically Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) which carry out a Safety Instrumented Function (SIF).  They generally consist of field-mounted sensors, valves and system logic for processing the instrument feedback based on process conditions.  Outputs are activated in accordance with the cause and effect charts defined during detailed design and installation of the process plant.

ESD’s are paramount to Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) and are therefore classified as high Safety Integrity Level (SIL) systems (typically SIL 2 or 3) providing an integral element of prevention of major accidents in process industries.

What we can offer? 

  • Optimising alarm system designs to facilitate accurate and timely fault prompting and diagnosis to operators
  • Design and review of ESD’s by looking at process conditions and prevention of potential hazards

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