Congratulations to Dean Farmer, C&I Engineer at ENGIE Fabricom, Stokesley

By May 24, 2018June 20th, 2019No Comments

Dean Farmer, C&I Engineer at our Engineering and Project Office, Stokesley has won himself an extra day’s holiday for 2018.

Dean, along with other employees from our Teesside office took part in the 15 Day Walking Challenge previously carried out by the team at Grimsby.

The challenge, which took place throughout May was to see who could accumulate the most steps over the 15 days, in the allocated 10 mins, during their lunch.

Dean, who clocked up an amazing 19,008 steps was closely followed by Sue Perkins, who wasn’t far behind with 14,515 and Grace finishing 3rd with 6,634.

Dean commented: “The walking challenge was great fun and a great way to do some exercise while at work”

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