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Cathodic Protection, Anode Installation and Inspection – Read our new whitepaper

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Cathodic Protection, Anode

Cathodic Protection, Anode Installation and Inspection Whitepaper


This week we have launched a new whitepaper highlighting our approach in the full retrofit of Sacrificial Anode Cathodic Protection (SACP) systems to offshore wind farms to prevent corrosion inside monopile foundation.

ENGIE Fabricom has developed a complete solution that has successfully been applied to over 120 monopile foundation corrosion projects across the UK. This has been in response to a major industry challenge of design flaws inside monopile foundations that has led to corrosion. Not only is corrosion a serious risk to the operations of windfarms, it can also cause significant cost and safety implications, should a monopile foundation fail.

To facilitate our offering, we also have our very own dedicated renewables facilities comprising a large open plan workshop which can be used to carry out any onshore trials, when required.

Read our latest whitepaper on Sacrificial Anode Cathodic Protection (SACP) here to find out more about our complete solution offering, as well as our approach and why you should choose ENGIE Fabricom:

• Dedicated management team with a proven industry track record;
• Over 200 employees experienced in the offshore wind industry;
• Team of highly trained personnel with an extensive skillset to deliver any anode installation project;  read more



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