British Karting Championship 2019 – CAD Designer Nathan Chafer Drives Home in 2nd Place

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British Karting Championship

CAD Designer, Nathan Chafer entered the British Karting Championship 2019, finishing in second place out of 45 registered drivers in his class.


Nathan, who has always competed as a privateer with his dad by his side, managed to secure a deal at the beginning of 2019 with his kart manufacture and Potenza Racing Engines which enabled him to race nationally for the first time.


To get into the British Championships, Nathan needed to complete three different signatures from three different club tracks to upgrade from a Club Kart Licence to a National Kart Licence.


At the beginning of the season, Nathan’s kart broke down which meant he was on the back foot throughout, trying to make up points.  Rounds 7 and 8 were held in Wales where he won all heats and came first in the final of round 7.   Unfortunately, round 8 he lost the chance to win the championship after a driving error.  Going into the last few rounds, Nathan was lying in 5th place and unfortunately the best result he could achieve that weekend was a 2nd place.


Nathan commented:  “The last couple of weekends before the season ended, were the hardest as I had to get as close to the top 3 as I possibly could.  I managed to get a 3rd and 4th result, which meant that I would be placed 2nd overall, ahead of 3rd place by only 1 point.  It was a great season for me, a lot of hard-work but lots of fun, I would definitely like to have another go at the British Karting Championships this year, and possibly enter the World Finals 2020.”


The awards were presented at the Hilton in Coventry where Nathan was also awarded the British Karting Championship Top Privateer Award and the Top Rookie Award as this was his first race at national level.


Congratulations Nathan, and good luck for all of your future racing.


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