ENGIE Fabricom Ageing Plant

ENGIE Fabricom Ageing Plant Review

In a commercial environment where investment in plant and costly maintenance programmes is increasingly difficult to justify, management of ageing plant assets is increasingly important.

There is a fundamental, absolute duty on operators of oil, gas, chemical and processing plant with a major accident hazard potential to ensure that the plant and equipment are maintained in a suitable condition to ensure safety.

Ageing plant is not strictly concerned with the age of the plant, more the actual physical condition.  Relatively new plant may have deteriorated due to operating environment, materials of construction, lack of maintenance etc. to a similar state as much older equipment.

ENGIE Fabricom can assist you with the ageing plant by the following means:

  • Identification of key safety and process critical plant items
  • Undertake a critical review of the key plant items to determine the condition, including non-destructive testing (NDT) to identify hidden defects
  • Develop a maintenance and inspection regime for the key plant items based upon criticality, previous conditions records, breakdowns, etc.
  • Undertake extension of life design, including safety reviews (HAZOP), reliability assessments, detailed design modifications, stress analysis, 3D CAD model, etc.
  • Develop management procedures for the ongoing management of ageing plant
  • Provide regular inspections for existing plant

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