Cathodic Protection

ENGIE Fabricom Cathodic Protection Repair Installation and Inspection

ENGIE Fabricom has an established team to carry out both internal and external cathodic protection.  This provides analysis of the anodes to determine their suitability and level of protection provided to the monopole.

ENGIE Fabricom has their own in house teams to carry out the offshore protection measurements, which are analysed and a detailed report issued on the anode performance.  This is based on the offshore requirements recommended by the DNV specification for cathodic protection.

Cathodic protection checks:

The following checks are carried out:

  • External protection measurements
  • Foundation set up for safe access in to the confined space including rescue equipment and fully trained technicians
  • Internal cathodic protection measurements for foundations with anodes below the divers hatch
  • PH and dissolved oxygen measurements below the divers hatch
  • Provide finished documentation to support the measurements completed offshore

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